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Sonic Boom to feature an exciting new power-up for Sonic: An incredibly long extra finger that can electrocute enemies!

Whilst in the seperate Sonic Boom game for Nintendo 3DS the team are on a quest to find instructions to reduce the brightness of Sonic’s new watch.

Im pretty sure thats the elecrtic leash from bulletstorm

Anonymous asked:
What is 50 shades of grey about? And what's so bad about it?
aconissa replied:

50 Shades of Grey was originally fanfiction based on the Twilight series, which was then published as a novel (along with 2 subsequent books). It sold over 100 million copies around the world and topped best-seller lists everywhere. It’s about to be adapted into a film, set to come out early next year.

It follows a college student named Ana Steele, who enters a relationship with a man named Christian Grey and is then introduced to a bastardised and abusive parody of BDSM culture.

While the book is paraded as erotica, the relationship between Ana and Christian is far from healthy. The core mantra of the BDSM community is “safe, sane and consensual”, and 50 Shades is anything but. None of the rules of BDSM practices (which are put in place to protect those involved) are actually upheld. Christian is controlling, manipulative, abusive, takes complete advantage of Ana, ignores safe-words, ignores consent, keeps her uneducated about the sexual practices they’re taking part in, and a multitude of other terrible things. Their relationship is completely sickening and unhealthy.

Basically, “the book is a glaring glamorisation of violence against women,” as Amy Bonomi so perfectly put it. 

It’s terrible enough that a book like this has been absorbed by people worldwide. Now, we have a film that is expected to be a huge box-office success, and will likely convince countless more young women that it’s okay not to have any autonomy in a relationship, that a man is allowed to control them entirely. It will also show many young men that women are theirs to play with and dominate, thus contributing to antiquated patriarchal values and rape culture.




Boycott this fucking movie, for the love of god. These kinds of ideas are dangerous and set us back as a society 





Favourite moment from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Can we take a moment to realize that out of ALL THINGS TO POSSIBLY WATCH Steve watches Saw?

No. Guys, no. This is not a reference to Saw.

It’s a reference to the 1983 movie WarGames.

The entire joke is that in WarGames, the main character accidentally connects with a government supercomputer that controls all the U.S. military arsenal. The computer asks him “Shall we play a game?” and what the guy thinks is a game is the computer trying to start WWIII between the United States and Russia.

In this scene, Steve and Natasha are accessing a hidden supercomputer with a mysterious flashdrive seemingly controlled by an AI. Natasha references WarGames and the potential of accidentally starting a war by accessing the computer.

That’s it, guys. That’s the joke. It’s a really funny joke. Whereas a Saw reference would literally make zero sense in this scene.

I thought I was the only one to laugh uncontrollably when I caught the reference to War Games in cinema.

Ted Nugent: Native Americans Are 'Unclean Vermin' Who Don't 'Qualify As People' ▸





“I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy,” Nugent hatefully said. “By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as PEOPLEimage, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people.” -Ted Nugent. 

He’s disgusting.

Haaaaaaaaaa fuckin weak ass su’yapi, stay the fuck off my rez.

Omg I can’t believe that this isn’t satire